About the Founder

My Name is Keitumetse Mokwana; I studied Travel&Tourism and graduated in 2013 cum laude, and awarded a bursary to study Project Management in 2014. During my first year of studying I wore hair extensions all year around until I lost my hairline!

I needed a hair growth solution and I didn’t like the idea of using products in conjunction with hair supplements in order to grow my hair. The trying out of different hairstyles such as braids, weaves, extensions and the use of harsh chemical such as relaxers or products that contain harsh ingredients can cause a lot of damage to the hair and scalp so I decided to do my own research about hair growth for adults, children and men as well as safe ingredients which had no side effects.

I started making my own products. People at varsity, family and friends started asking me why my hair is growing so fast.

My hairline recovered fully in two weeks and my hair grew from very short hair to lower bra length; I had a massive healthy bun! In my second year; varsity students and strangers would stop me and ask for my contact details and request if I may share some hair tips and assists them in growing healthy hair, of course I didn’t mind!

I had no idea how many people suffered from hair loss until the calls started coming in! I took the next step and registered my company in 2015: Keitu Hair Care (Pty) Ltd.

All our products have been tested; are pH balanced, safe to use and have a shelf life of two years. (This is the length of time a product can be useable or saleable). All our products are manufactured and formulated in South Africa. Our products are distributed by Keitu Hair Care (Pty) Ltd. We are the sole distributors of our products with a couple of salon distributors in South Africa.

My adults hair range is formulated to repair the hair strand, cover up patches, restore the hairline, stimulate hair growth as well as manage and maintain healthy hair. Children have sensitive and fragile skin and the particularly fine skin of children does not fulfill its function as a barrier as effectively as that of an adult; the natural ingredients and oils in my children’s hair range will allow parents to care for their children’s hair and scalp.

I have been using my products for almost five years. Everyone who has purchased my products has seen amazing results; I receive testimonies of peoples before and after images daily- my products give people a chance to have healthy natural hair!

If my hair can grow so can yours. My hair growth journey has required consistency and has been so worth it. I have not used hair extensions for almost five years now and at times I am astounded at my hair outcome.

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