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Natural Hair

Natural Hair

We are often asked if our hair care products are suitable for chemically treated hair. Although we specialize and encourage afro textured (Natural hair). People of all hair types are welcome to try our hair care products. Our hair care products are formulated for hair growth and to help seal and retain moisture in your hair. That is the main objective and can be beneficial no matter the hair type or pattern.

If you are interested in transitioning from a relaxer to natural hair, it is important to understand the current state of your hair. In order to be fully natural, your chemically processed hair must be cut off completely (this is called the transitioning phase). Your transition can happen gradually; by cutting off your relaxed ends over time or you can go for the “BIG CHOP” by cutting off the chemically treated hair all at once.

The “new growth” that appears from your scalp is your natural hair. If you do not cut off the relaxed processed hair while transitioning it will begin to break off on its own and you will start experiencing a lot of breakage because as the “new growth” appears and grows it becomes stronger and overpowers the chemically treated hair.

I hope you’ve found this information helpful.


A protective style is a hairstyle that can stay in place for a while without the need to re-style the hair; these styles will protect your hair and ends from the “elements” that deplete your hair of moisture. A protective style protects the ends of the hair, which are the oldest and most fragile portion of the hair. While you protect your hair make sure you moisturize and seal your hair daily!

Protective styles include; braids (box braids), twists, French braid, braided bun/ high or low bun, up-do hair styles, thick fishtail braids, platting with your own hair (cornrows).