Dandruff Treatment Oil


Dandruff treatment oil formula is rich in essential oils for the ultimate in silky smooth deep conditioning hair and moisture-rich healthy scalp. Use regularly to help minimise dandruff & itchy scalp. Also excellent as a hot oil treatment. Daily use promotes healthy hair and scalp.

10 reasons why treatment oils are good for your hair:

    1. 1. It will nourish your hair and scalp
    1. 2. Stimulates hair growth
    1. 3. Prevents hair breakage
    1. 4. Promotes a healthy scalp
    1. 5. Moisturizes dry , brittle hair
    1. 6. Gives shine and softness to the hair
    1. 7. Prevents split ends
    1. 8. Delays greying of hair
    1. 9. Reduces existing damage
    1. 10 Is all-natural
How to Use:

Treatment Oils

How to do a Hot Oil Treatment:

    1. 1. Heat the oil to a Luke-warm temperature ( the oils is going on your scalp so make sure it is Luke-warm)
    1. 2. Apply the oil to your hair starting at the scalp then hair then ends.
    1. 3. Cover your head with a shower cap.
    1. 4. Wait 45min-1 hour, depending on how hungry your hair is.
    1. 5. Wash it out.

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