Kids Moisture Repair Conditioner


Using a conditioner will not only soften and nourish your child’s hair but will give your child a healthy looking hair texture.

Our moisture repair conditioner is so nourishing and will give your child softer more manageable hair. It will provide superior conditioning while repairing damaged dry hair from the inside out and restore smoothness and elasticity to hair that has lost its moisture and shine.

Our conditioner contains Aloe Vera gel which is helpful in fighting bacteria, fungi and viruses. Aloe Vera gel is not only soothing on the scalp but also helps in getting rid of dead skin which promotes hair growth.

Our moisture repair conditioner can be used as a leave-in conditioner, it is the best type of conditioner for kinky African natural hair and can also be used in place of a detangler (you can detangle your hair while you have the conditioner on). It is also useful in preventing hair from drying out.


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